David and Gayle Retire, Eli and Marlon Arrive

David and Gayle Retire,

Eli and Marlon Arrive

Yes, long-time owners David and Gayle have retired and transferred Beechwood Inn. They have not moved far, they now live on North Germany Mountain Road still in Clayton, Georgia.

The new owners are Eli Marie Rodriquez and Marlon Castiblanco from Florida. They have been living at the inn since early December learning about inn operations, reservation software, cooking and more. They took over on January 14, 2022, with formal closing and transfer of ownership. They are already busy planning activities, making some changes and adding their own touches. Plan a visit to meet the new owners.

Marlon and Eli

Marlon and Eli at Beechwood Inn

Eli and Marlon made their professional careers and their home in Miami, Florida for the past thirty years. They are avid travelers and enjoy experiencing cultures. They have been designing their dream life as Innkeepers and owning a Bed and Breakfast for a long time. Now the time was right and the opportunity for Beechwood Inn was not to be missed.

Eli is a passionate hotelier with decades in hospitality sales and marketing promoting to worldwide market regions for boutique hotels throughout the US. She will be no stranger to Innkeeping. She also has an eye for home decor and is a passionate housekeeper.

Marlon dedicated decades to programing and systems for TV advertising and operations working for major networks for the US and Latin America. Marlon is a people-person and a natural host at heart which fits right in with the Innkeeper role.

They aspire to continue David and Gayle’s role and to honor Beechwood Inn’s legacy. They plan to charm guests with each visit, to collaborate with our local community and to promote all our wonderful destinations in the North Georgia Mountains. They cant wait to meet and greet you!


David and Gayle plan to remain active in and about Rabun County. First, they will assist the new owners and help them with questions about the inn and its mechanicals. They also plan to remain active with the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia. Gayle is on the Foxfire Board of Directors. Gardening (their new home offers 3 acres of flat land), new recipe development and maybe some private chef dinners are on their list of things to do. And some travel to exotic “foodie” locations around the world. Bon Voyage!