Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast Georgia

Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast Georgia: Tired of the same old boutiques and home decor shops? Want some new experiences that will make a lasting memory? Would you like to sleep in a real caboose? Well we have scoured our area to come up with some things to stimulate your curiosity and feed your inner child. So hop in your jalopy and get on up to our corner of northeast Georgia.

Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast Georgia

Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast Georgia:

Sleep in a Caboose: Located just one mile from fabulous Lake Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast GeorgiaBurton, the 1929 vintage C&O Caboose has just undergone a top-to-bottom restoration and upgrade, with shades of the luxury Pullman cars of yesteryear. No detail was ignored to allow for a truly unique getaway experience. Though located adjacent to our also-historic general store-turned antique store, Black Bear Creek Antiques, you will have lots of privacy and space to call your own; private entrance, dedicated parking, waterfall and mountain spring creek just 20 feet away,





Tiger Drive InnSee a Drive-In Show – Tiger Drive-In: This a throwback to the classic past. Nestled in the Northeast Georgia Mountains, the Drive-In shows first run movies under the stars. Experience the movies from your car like the “old days” but with the benefits of all of our modern amenities with modern and high quality digital projection. It offers all grass terraces, FM broadcasts, outdoor speakers, Pandora pre-show music, Wi-Fi, and the delicious TDI Grill. Even better, they accept Credit Cards, are pet friendly, have a playground for the kids and so much more! So bring your picnic blanket or cozy up in your car.

Visit Old Sautee General Store: At the Old Sautee Store, founded in Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast Georgia1872, the owners continue the long tradition of good olde country hospitality. They believe that when you visit the store you deserve the kind of hearty welcome that just came naturally to folks when times were a little simpler, the merchandise was quality, and above all useful. They try very hard to give you, the customers and friends, that same feeling you once experienced. The store features great products that have been selected very carefully for quality, uniqueness, affordability, and lasting pleasure.

Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast Georgia

Experience Culpepper’s Otto Depot: Passion for all things old and Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast Georgiaantique permeates every aspect of Culpepper’s Otto Depot, and the owners themselves describe it as a slap in the face answer to the disposable society in which we currently reside. The building of Culpepper’s Otto Depot is just what someone expects when visiting an antique hardware and architectural store. It is constructed of reclaimed barn wood, architectural salvage and vintage lighting and hardware. It is a huge and impressive site, and is the perfect wrapping for the treasures that lie within.

Eric Legge Gallery: Artist Eric Legge was working at a Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast Georgiadevelopmental center for severely mentally and physically handicapped patients when he simultaneously developed a profoundly spiritual outlook on life, and a strong desire to express himself seriously through art. A painter since the age of 3, Legge now creates work that is influenced by nature and his surroundings, incorporating found objects and a bright color palette to illustrate his uplifting personal philosophy. “Being able to think, see and comprehend the world around you, that is a wonderful gift. I guess I decided that painting and creating art is the best way to use that gift,” he says. During the Atlanta Olympics, Legge was one of a small handful of Georgia folk artists that were allowed to show their artwork in the public venues.

Stay in an 1880’s Log Cabin: Come experience an authentic 1880’s Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast Georgialog cabin in the North Georgia mountains! This restored cabin is located on a small sheep farm “Wolffork Valley Farm”. This is a great place to detach from your busy lives. Take in the with spectacular views from the porch, hike, visit wineries, shop, explore rivers, watch and visit with the animals and have a little glimpse into “farm life”, from farmer Bill. Clayton is close by, it’s a happening trendy town with good shopping and many amazing restaurants!

Dine in a Working Gas Station – Caffé Rel: You’ve heard the old Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast Georgiaadage “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Well you can’t judge a restaurant by the building it’s in either. Caffé Rel is a perfect example. Located in Franklin, NC, in a busy gas station you’ll find Caffé Rel, one of the finest bistros in the mountains of western North Carolina, just short drive North of the state-line with Georgia. Don’t let the gas station location fool you because Chef and owner Richard E. Long (hence the name Rel) apprenticed at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia and went on to enjoy a prestigious career running elite restaurants in Pennsylvania. He serves a variety of upscale dishes with complex sauces that you would normally expect to find only in a fancy, pretentious restaurant. The Draw: Reasonable prices, a great find in an unusual location, serving French classics, and open for lunch and dinner four days a week. The Drawback: No reservations, nowhere to wait, no credit cards accepted.

Explore Tallulah Gorge – Deepest Gorge East of the Mississippi: Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast GeorgiaOne of the most spectacular canyons in the eastern U.S., Tallulah Gorge is two miles long and nearly 1,000 feet deep. Visitors can hike rim trails to several overlooks, or they can obtain a permit to hike to the gorge floor. A suspension bridge sways 80 feet above the rocky bottom, providing spectacular views of the river and waterfalls. Tightrope walkers have crossed the gorge, and visitors can still see towers used by Karl Wallenda. A paved path follows an on old railroad bed, perfect for strollers and bicycles, while mountain bikers can test their skills on a challenging 10 mile trail. Exhibits in the park’s Interpretive Center highlight the rich history of this Victorian resort town, as well as the rugged terrain and fragile ecosystem of the area. An award-winning film takes viewers on a dramatic journey through the gorge, including footage of rock climbers and kayakers. A gift shop offers snacks, jewelry, toys, books, walking sticks, clothing and more.

Visit Living History – Foxfire Museum: The Foxfire Museum & Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast GeorgiaHeritage Center brings the collected works to life in a hands-on, interactive experience less than two hours’ drive from Atlanta, Asheville, Greenville, and Knoxville. Students invested royalties from The Foxfire Book to establish this extraordinary facility as a living legacy of the people whose lives and stories they chronicle and cherish. The museum at Foxfire comprises over 106 acres on which students have relocated 10 authentic pioneer log cabins and built more than a dozen other structures from period materials, following traditional methods of construction. The property is filled with artifacts, tools, and handcrafted housewares, toys and folk art, providing a glimpse into the lives of the people who tamed and thrived in the Appalachian wilderness more than 180 years ago. Additionally, live festivals bring our regional history back to life. 

Buy Grits at Barker’s Creek Mill: This mill has been providing the Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast Georgialocal community with milling services since the mid 1800’s. Mary Hambidge built the current mill in 1944 at the site of an older mill that served the community since the first white settlers came into the area in the late 1820’s. The mill is powered by a 12-foot overshot wheel set on babbet bearings. It was converted from a wooden spoked, steel-rimmed wheel to the current metal spokes in the 1960’s. The mill has been renovated three times in its life, the most recent in the late 1980’s. The mill itself is a vertical mill with two 16″ flint/granite stones. It was built by the Meadow’s Milling Company in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Barker’s Creek Mill is still operated by Hambidge on the First Saturday of each month from 1p.m. to 4 p.m., and by appointment to provide milling services to area farmers.

Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast Georgia

Road Trip: 10 Unusual Places to Visit in Northeast Georgia

And after a long day visiting these wonderful locations come relax with a glass of wine and enjoy a cozy room and maybe a fine dinner at Beechwood Inn – Georgia’s Premier Wine Country Inn. And the restaurant is named one of the “10 Best farm to Table restaurants in Georgia.” Pick out a room. Check out the upcoming dinner menus.


By David Darugh