Beechwood Inn was originally built as a private residence in 1916 for Reverend Herman Charles and Lura Bucholz and family. With the passing of her husband in 1922, Lura Bucholz converted their large home into a summer guesthouse, offering boarding to upscale city visitors seeking to enjoy the cool of the mountains. Beechwood Inn ran well into a few years after she passed in 1957, soon thereafter closed its doors to visitors and passed through a few owners. In the late 1990s, the property was acquired and restored to its Inn’s charms by David and Gayle Darugh who enhanced the home with modern improvements and reopened its doors to guests. For 21 years, they operated successfully as a Bed & Breakfast and Farm-to-Table restaurant offering dinners and culinary lessons serving local and seasonal food and wine. In 2022, the Darugh’s retired from innkeeping, and Eli Rodriguez and Marlon Castiblanco purchased Beechwood Inn. Once again, the Inn has been revamped and upgraded to enchant guests with a stylish ambiance while maintaining its 100-year legacy.